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Rebecca MENOUD

Rebecca MENOUD

Meetings and Events Consultant
Lausanne Switzerland
Promotion 2014

Rebecca Menoud, a Vatel 2014 alumnus, is the perfect example of the importance of making every professional experience a success and networking on a daily basis.

Right after she graduated, Rebecca Menoud was hired in the Conferences and Events Department of the Movenpick Lausanne 4* Hotel, with over 300 rooms and 18 conference rooms, where she did her first year internship. Another true Vatel Success Story!


So Rebecca, have you always wanted to work in hospitality?

Well, if you can see a relationship between being a fire fighter, a gym teacher and the hospitality industry, you could say so! Seriously though, the fact that my uncle works in a famous restaurant in Washington was what got me interested in the hospitality, restaurant and tourism industries.

And then I targeted Vatel because, when I was on vacation, I once stayed in their application hotel on the Moroccan Campus. When I visited the school, I understood their teaching concept, where a week of theoretical courses was followed by a week of practical application in the hotel or restaurant. And then my uncle introduced me to aVatelien friend of his. The hardest part was for me to decide if I wanted to go to Paris, Lyon, Nimes, Bordeaux orMartigny, in Switzerland.

And if you had to do it over?

I would do exactly the same thing! Because of the great student life you have and also the opportunity to discover all the departments in a hotel, and work with real customers. I worked in all the departments of the Vatel Hotel**** where, year after year, I had more and more responsibilities. Vatel's courses are really spot on with the jobs we want to do in the future.

I've got really fond memories of my theoretical courses in Marketing, Negotiation, Management, Crossing Cultures, Culinary Cultures etc. Subjects were really varied, and without any exceptions, I use each and everyone of them today. But if I had to describe the one thing that had the most impact on me it, it would be the Capstone Project,where the goal was to have us design, build and defend an innovative project to create a company in the international hospitality industry. I'm really proud of the work I did with my group and aware that what I learned from the months where we spent defending our project, is something that I'll be using all my life.

My internships in the Lausanne Movenpick in my first year and the Melia White House in London, in my second year, completed this theoretical/practical curriculum by giving me other very interesting challenges that I had to meet.

So tell us how you found your way back to Movenpick.

My first internship went very well and I stayed in touch with the F&B team. I recontacted them towards the end of my studies, saying that I was looking for jobs abroad and they asked me if I'd be interested in a summer job with them. And this summer job turned into a permanent one when the Meetings and Events Consultant left.

I'm the first contact all of my clients have, either companies or the general public, and I organize their events from A to Z:

  • adapting my offers to their expectations and showing them around the facility,
  • drawing up the contract,
  • distributing the work to be done to the teams concerned,
  • after sales follow-up,
  • invoicing, etc.

And do you love your job?

I love customer relations, speaking different languages, meeting people from other cultures. I'd like to stay in Switzerland for a few more years to have a longer experience with the Movenpick Group, and I hope that in the future they'll let me climb the corporate ladder in one of their other hotels.

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