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Antonio WANG HUA

Antonio WANG HUA

Sales and Marketing Manager
Shanghai China
Promotion 2001

The Ambassador of the Vatelien Club Shanghai, Antonio Wang Hua, is currently the Hyatt Hotel and Resorts Sales and Marketing Manager in this city. Formerly a student at Vatel in Nimes, he said he was particularly happy to have joined this School in 2000, a highly symbolic year.

NEW JOBS FOR VATELIENS: In March, 2015, Antonio was hired as the "Wanda Reign Hotel on the Bund, Shanghai Bund Financial Center" Hotel Manager. Coming soon: his new interview.

Antonio remembers the first words he heard at Vatel. “I was very impressed when I heard Mr. Sebban, the Founder of Vatel, speak about 'know-how.' I really believe that hospitality is one of the industries where managers need the most practical experience. Using this experience, you can serve others, train your personnel and develop your career based on these sound foundations.”

Before joining Vatel in Nimes, Antonio held a degree from the Shanghai Tourism Institute. When he was in Nimes, he discovered the charm of this smaller and more intimate School, with its true multicultural spirit: “Students quickly adapt themselves to daily life in this 'global village,' an image of the world itself!”

Having laid the best possible foundations for his career, Antonio Wang Hua believes that today's hospitality industry is based on a sort of hardware and software, that he has dubbed “heartware” as, in his opinion, a large and open heart is a necessity.

“This heartware plays a key role in customer relationships and sustainable development for each hotel. I'm extremely proud and motivated to be working in the most beautiful hotels in the world. I take advantage of each opportunity to welcome my clients who come from all over the world, to take care of them with all my other colleagues and to spread this spirit of 'heartware” to all the other facets of my existence.”

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