Professionals in the hospitality industry: post your internship and ADD A VATEL STUDENT IN YOUR TEAM 

After their undergraduate studies in the Bachelor in International Hotel Management program, students will have spent a minimum of 10 months in operational internships in their 1st and 2nd years. Those who continue with their MBA in international Hotel Management, will have an extra 6 months in managerial positions.





Bachelor Year 1

4 months


Operational internship

Bachelor Year 2

5/6 months


Operational internship


Bachelor Year 3

6 months

France or international

Optional internship

MBA Year 2

6 months

France or international

Management training

Vatel centralizes internship openings in companies for its students

Vatel schools both develop and maintain close and long-term partnerships with the hospitality industry. They collect internship vacancies to be able to assign them to each student, considering:

- The students’ academic levels;

- The language in which students will be doing their internships.

Partner hotels and other facilities for tourists are thus sure of hosting an operational intern; one whose profile completely matches the missions to be carried out.

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